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African Grey — The African Grey is widely considered to be the smartest of the talking birds, and one of the most intelligent in the animal kingdom overall. Some experts say they approach the ability to speak and relate concepts on the level of a human toddler.

Just like the Africa Grey, Africans  are widely considered to be the smartest of the talking continents rather than the action continent. Hence, Africa has been referred to as the "Dark Continent" by many from other continents due to the rate of unemployment which has increased poverty in geometrical progression . According to International Labour Organisation (ILO) 50 percent (fifty-percent) of Africa graduates are unemployed. This has increase the level of poverty to 48.5 percent of Africa population according to World Bank . Despite all these report, the "Untold Truth" is :Africa is rich even in their poverty. In Africa lies great talent, skills and potential. These talents skills and potential when harmonized will generate passion. When these passion are recreated, it will birth ideas. When the ideas are fueled, it becomes achievable goals which end result breeds self employed youths who will create jobs for others to create job for others. If this thread continues, It will reduce poverty to the bearest minimum in Africa. These creative youths will present the "True Africa" to other continents. The Africa that habours great talents, skills and potential despite its reported unemployment and poverty rate. We will present Africa as the "Grey Africa" rather than the "Dark Continent" for indeed Africa is "Grey" and not "Dark".

to  breed self employed youths is our watchword. We are doing this through various programs and projects. The interesting part of it is that, you can be a volunteer member, a mentor, you can partner with us as well as support this Idea. Together we can make Africa better than the way it is, Together we can build Africa, Together we can present the real Africa  to the world, Together we can present the "Grey Africa".



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Kick start your journey in Tech by joining our online training’s. Lets guide you through every step you need to become a “World class” Tech Savvy.Just click the icon to begin!


Meet young Africans who are already on their journey in creating our desired Africa through Tech. Network and connect with individuals in your career path.


Attend our offline events and meet ups and meet great minds and opportunities to join different projects and explore the word of technology.


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With the rate of unemployment reckoning the Country, this is a great initiative to raise self-employed, self-dependence and self-sufficient youths who will tell our story!our Africa story!


Trying to solve problem through Tech can sometimes be boring. Thankfully I have meet great coaches and mentors at GreyAfricaHub with whom I have learned and unlearned and share great ideas with.


AS a Volunteer at GreyAfricaHub, am happy with the impact we have made so far with regards to youth unemployment and I look forward to seeing the Africa we all Deserve smiling back at us.


My Career as a Digital Marketer started after attending a program Organised by GreyAfrica. Am currently enjoying a smooth ride in my new found career and ever grateful to this platform.


Founder's Profile

Vivian Egwu is a graduate of Computer Science, a Tech Savvy and an Entrepreneur. She is the Founder of GreyAfricaHub, a platform that seeks to reduce youth unemployment to its barest minimum in Africa through technology which is the new "oil boom". Her platform is currently raising a generation of youths who will be self-employed, self-sufficient and self-dependence.This initiative is to raise youth who will tell our story! our Africa story! the way it is, thereby presenting the African beauty in its shades of Grey. There is no better time than now, to raise creative minds. At 'GreyAfricaHub', we harmonise, recreate the passion and fuel the ideas into achievable life goals and subsequently, a result. We engage the youths on viable development and creative Independence.
Recreate the passion, fuel the ideas, & birth a resourceful mind.
Recreate, Encourage, Engage & Fuel self employed youths.

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