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Scalar or Vector

By February 15, 2018 No Comments

Physics is prided as one of the important and significant field that finds itself materializing in our everyday lives. With basic understanding of laws like that of gravity, elasticity and motion, we face an incredible realisation of a beautiful world where these laws hold the systems together in one coherent piece.

It is a beautiful thing to have a vision of a great, wealthy, self fulfilling, successful and purposeful life but visualisation at it’s best is still less productive than the least of actions. Suffice it to say that, a vision with no direction is a mission already on abortion even before it began.

Also quintessential is the alignment of the efforts put into achieving any goal. It is a usual phenomenon to see people busy doing nothing and getting satisfied with the fact that they are hyper-busy with nothing to show for it.

You may be wondering, where is all of these headed? Scalar or Vector, which are you?
A scalar quantity in its simplest term is one that has magnitude but lacks direction while a vector quantity has both magnitude and direction.

In humans, scalar beings know what they want to be/ have or do (magnitude) but keep wishing to win a jackpot or stumble into an already prepared inheritance that looks like the vision they have seen. Vector beings on their own part, in addition to knowing what they want, have a plan, strategy, design to achieve what their desires. They thrive to make improvements, learn new skills, hone the ones they already have and harness their talents and continuously utilise opportunities to become better at what they do. The know the importance of doing the little things that draw them closer to their dreams daily.

So are you a scalar or vector quantity? Decide now and act according


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