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Why Programming?

By February 15, 2018 No Comments

When someone says, “I am an IT personnel” or “I’m a tech savvy ,” the question people often ask is, what“programming language” are you good at?
I think it’s sarcastic.

It begs to question the very logic of being an IT professional or a tech enthusiast because, really, is programming all there is in the IT world?
The answer is as good as my guess but let’s walk this through, together, for better clarity.

There are many aspects of Information Technology (IT) which includes Digital Marketing, Database Management, Networking and a whole lot of it. Knowing that the aforementioned exists, people create the impression that programming is the “BIG THING” in the IT industry. Is it safe to say that programming is the BOSS?

I think so!

Programming tends to cut across all spheres of life and all fields of life providing long lasting real life solutions. Think about any aspect that has made life much easier in this age and time, all the ideas is seated on programming or a little of it. From fund transfers or mobile pay services, ordering an Uber, shopping on Jumia or Konga, searching for job opportunities on LinkedIn or on Jobber.ng, streaming on Netflix or Youtube, connecting with friends and family on Facebook and the list is endless.
It won’t be wrong to say that it is equally programming that introduced these other “guys” in IT. For Instance, it is programming knowledge and skills that gave meaning to Facebook, to Digital Marketing through Facebooks Ads and the Data Manager the opportunity of managing data on Facebook.

Suffice it to say, programming is the skeleton on which almost all aspect of IT rest, to showcase its uniqueness and interactive nature.
Despite this knowledge, people shy away from programming with the excuse that it’s a hard nut to crack.

The goodnews is, programming is a natural language just like English language. Learning a new language isn’t easy anyway but if you are passionate , consistent and committed to learning, you will find yourself good at it in no time. To learn better and understand better of any language, learn the syntax and semantics of the language and you are good to go. That is exactly what you need to become a programmer – passion, commitment and consistent.

There are many programming languages you can choose from. These include C++, Ruby,Python,PHP, JAvA e.t.c. No matter your choice, you do be needing one little but great guy in the person of HTML. HTML is not a programming language but a scripting language. It stands for hypertext markup language.It is the building block of every programmer.
Having said all these, we at GreyAfricaHub, will be bringing you a program termed “Code from Home”. Just as the name implies, Code from Home is a program that teaches you how to write codes and turn them into meaningful projects right from the comfort of your home. We will be starting from HTML and CSS and then move to programming language like JavaScript , PHP and others. This programme is designed for a person who has little or no knowledge about programming, for individuals who want to make a career in programming and those who want to take their programming language to another level. In this program, you will also meet programmers from over Africa who are making waves and solving real life problems through programming. You will also get access to mentors and coaches.

To participate, simply like our facebook page (www.facebook.com/greyafricahub), share, invite your friends and tag them that will ultimately gain from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Follow us for more updates.

It’s going to be big. Be part of it.


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