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GreyAfricaHub is a movement founded in 2017 by Africa youths and for Africa Youths to raise creative and innovative youths who will be self employed, self sufficient and self dependent using technology as a tool.

According to data from the International Labor Organization (ILO) in sub-Saharan Africa, the youth unemployment rate hovers around 12 percent. While this is slightly lower than the global youth unemployment rate of 12.4 percent, the African region has the world’s highest rate of working poverty — people who are employed but earning less than US$2 a day.

Despite being Africa’s most educated generation to emerge from schools and universities, a youth in Africa is twice as likely to be unemployed when he/she becomes an adult, ILO said. (source: http://acetforafrica.org/highlights/unemployment-in-africa-no-jobs-for-50-of-graduates).

GreyAfricaHub seeks to solve this problem by educating, empowering and engaging youths via various platforms such as Boot-camps, Campus Outreach and Tech Club. Other activities include Conferences, Seminars and Mentorship.

With Headquarter  in Lagos Nigeria, We rely on volunteers and Ambassadors effort to spread the gospel across Africa.

GreyAfricaHub is not just for youths; we collaborate with individuals and organizations with interest in technology, startups to provide youths with platform and growth. At GreyAfricaHub, we birth self employed, self dependency and self-sufficient youths through technological creativity and innovations.


To birth self employed, self dependent and self-sufficient youths through technological creativity and innovations.


To reduce the rate of unemployment in Africa to the barest minimum and increase the overall earnings of an average African youth.


GreyAfricaHub BootCamps is an intensive hands on practical to equip youths with the necessary skill required in the working Industry. These skills ranges from UI/UX design, Graphics design, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Website Development, Android Mobile App development.

Modulus: The duration of this training is 8 weeks, training is being held quarterly (Four Cohorts a year) and it includes the following.

  1. Application Process: Applications are sent out to the general public and youths between the ages of 15 – 30 years of age are encouraged to apply. Application closes a month after the opening date.
  2. Testing Process: A test is being sent to registered members to determine their passion, commitment and willingness to learn. The test is meant to be taken and submitted via link provided within a week’s time.
  3. Selection: Selections is purely on merit and is base on test result. Successful candidates are sent congratulatory messages on or before 3weeks from date of test submission.
  4. Training: Training lasts for eight (8) consecutive weeks. Participants are expose to skills that are needed in the Tech Industry by Tech experts from various fields and also get access to mentorship.

Post – Training:

  • The Participants are expected to take up internship or full time job in IT. We also provided paid internship opportunities or jobs to participants through partnered companies. Click here to partner with us.
  • Participants who were still students at the time of training are expected to be ambassadors and continue GAH movement at their Universities on return with support from GAH.
  • * Register for the next BootCamp Cohort here.

GreyAfricaHub also engages on Campus tour and outreach to preach Tech in various Universities across Africa.  This comes in form of conferences, seminars and workshops. The idea is to rise youths who are passionate about Tech and are ready to build up innovative ideas that will change the globe.

Modulus: We rely on ambassadors and volunteers to meet this goal. Ambassadors are students who have been trained by GreyAfricaHub and are expected to mobilize fellow students to join the movement with support from us. The Campus Outreach includes Seminar, Conferences and Workshops. This is to get the undergraduate youth explore the Tech world and get equipped with skills needed in the Tech Industry upon graduation. We also present them with opportunities in the Tech world such as HACKATHONS and PITCH EVENTS. We also encourage ideas, projects and start-ups.

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Grey Tech club is a code-a-thon where developers, designers, scientists, students, entrepreneurs and educators gather to collaborate on projects including applications, software, hardware, data visualization and platform solutions. This event gives participants the chance to flex their skills, work with fellow hackers, and learn something new, such as a programming language or API. Mentors are present to guide the attendees on the platform or technology chosen for the event.

The Grey Tech Club is an open event (all participants are welcomed) that promotes gender equality and bridging the gap in the technology and start-up spaces. The Grey Tech Club seeks to fetch- out ideas that will solve global issues, as well as connect people with common interest to work together on solution proffering projects.

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