What Don’t Successful People Do?

When the one word “Success” is mentioned, Most People tend to look at the kind of car you drive, the house you live in, the degree you have gotten so far and so on. Now let’s look at the definition of success according to the business dictionary.
Achievement of an action within a specified period of time or within a specified parameter. Success can also mean completing an objective or reaching a goal. Success can be expanded to encompass an entire project or be restricted to a single component of a project or task. It can be achieved within the workplace, or in an individual’s personal life. For example, if an individual’s personal goal is to be accepted in a new career, success would occur after the individual has been officially accepted into his or her new place of employment.
Colloquial term used to describe a person that has achieved his or her personal, financial or career goals.

It could also be used to describe an individual that has more objects (money or any other desirable item) relative to another individual. For example, a professional athlete can be called “a success.”
Pause and Think
How can one word mean so many things?
The truth is, “Success” is personified. What Mr. A view as success may not apply to Mr. B view neither did Mr. C see it that way. To Mr. A, it might be acquiring of properties, To Mr. B, it might be getting the highest degree on earth, to Mr. C, it might be people smiling at the mention of his name. No matter how one view it, the most important thing is that you are satisfied when you get to that point in life.
Success is not a get quick rich stuff. It follows a lay down rule which include but not limited to
• . Discovering your goal in life
• Writing them down
• Writing down different ways of achieving them
• . Giving them deadlines to be achieved
• Plan, Focus and Execute
Looking at the above 5 lay down rules, isn’t that what we see on every blog or article? Isn’t that what we do at the beginning of each new year with the tag “New Year Resolution”? How come it seems those goal keep appearing every year as a menstrual cycle? What don’t Successful people do different from things everyone does?
Here is the answer you have been looking for:
Successful people don’t put all finger in their month at once. Yes they set goals just like every other person but the don’t multitask rather they take it one after the other while using their scale of preference.
What do I mean when I say Successful People don’t multitask in meeting their set goals?
Let’s say Mr. A want to
1.Write a book
2. Get a degree
3. Becomes a renowned actor
What do think will happen if Mr A in the process of getting his degree, is also making tour on becoming a renowned actor and also writing a book. He might end up missing classes or not writing some exams or he might end up not being able to go on some trips that will earn him a good place in the movies industry and he might also end up not finshing his book due to limited time. He becomes a simple pendulum which dazzles around thinking he is making beautiful steps to success only to find out he has hung himself and wasn’t moving atall. Won’t it be wise if Mr. A goes for his degree and in the process, use his leisure time to write his book. After he has gotten his degree, he can then decide to go on his journey of becoming a renowned actor.
Therefore to be Successful, you need to choose a particular goal and lock your eargates to any other thought till you have achieved or almost achieved it before unlocking your eargates to other thoughts.

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